Rising from China Sailing to whole world
 Huagang Group Company has been established since 1990 and is a big, modern group enterprise integrated in food, plastics weaving, ocean shipping and trade with more than 30 branches in Fujian, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hunan, Guizhou, Liaoning and Hebei provinces. The mostly economic targets in main industries are sure to be leading in China, total assets is over one billion RMB and annual output value is over three billion RMB, and it is one of 10 biggest private enterprises in Fujian Province.

 Huagang Group Company has not only introduced advanced equipments from the world, optimized products structure and enhanced whole technical level, but also took up with construction in manpower source. It possesses of more than 5,000 staff, among them technicians with doctor degree and master degree are dozens, senior researchers near one hundred, and upgraded forward “soft strength” and stride forward high-tech enterprise.

 Planning as whole in scale and diversification, Huagang Forage Industry has 20 branches more in over 20 provinces and cities in China with one million tons of sales volume. Huagang Oil Manufacture Industry invested one billion RMB to equipment from high level and position with 1.5 millions tons of annual throughput; Huagang Dairy Industry invested 0.1 billion RMB in first term according to European dairy quality standard with processing capacity of 100,000 tons; Huagang Rice Industry invested RMB50,000,000 for the product line of international advanced automatic block out; with annual output 100,000 tons of high grade rice; Meanwhile the Group has set up new growing respects continuously in plastics weaving, ocean shipping and trade.

 Rising from China, unobstructed to whole world. Group insists on development stratagem based on China and spread to the world, and sticks to the core industry and diversification developing simultaneously as well as pay equal attention to brand and benefit so that could be sustainable developing and to become a famous big, modern group enterprise in China.

Forever Creating New High Point Huagang Displayed Abilities

Strength reflects Abilities! Huagang shows developing tendency that cannot be held back time-by-time. Along with tactic march from southern China to whole China, Huagang is going toward to famous leading enterprise in China even if “Global Huagang”.

 l Annual production value of Huagang is over three billion RMB, now the increase by degrees is 20% annually. According to middle and long term developing plan, the annual production value will reach five billion RMB in three yeas.
 l 3-5 newly branches annually will be set up and extended to more than 20 provinces and cities in China, cooperative dealers is 4000 more, distribution net points are more than 100,000.
 l Administers carry out action resolutely deal with concrete maters relating to work, keep improving, try doing things best and thoughtful, scientific decision-making, fast reaction system is set up in technological process so that to ensure the orders straightway to be conducted.
 l Exerting scale advantage of Huagang, to share resource, cost, information, intensifying market attraction, management ability is at high level.